Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Etsy Finds + Giveaway Winner

I like to think of myself as a creative person, but everytime I visit Etsy I have to reconsider.
Here are some nice shops I found recently.

1. Seapinks: completely useless pincushions, but don't they look lovely?


2. Starbags


3. and let's not talk about those fabrics. I think I'm going to buy kilometers of them. (visit kokkagirls and beautifulwork)


4. Eco-friendly Beauty


If you have spare time, visit Shrimp Salad Circus and Accidental Encounters. I recently won their giveaways - I'm so lucky in this kind of things it embarasses me. I really look forward to try Red Leaf's products, and remember Groomy? now I own the most adorable wallet in the universe :)

I was almost forgetting - a lot of time has passed and I'm incredibly sorry, but finally the giveaway has a winner!


Congrats Oksana!

Stay tuned because a Christmas giveaway is coming up very soon - a little hint? Bambi :)


  1. Congrats ! It was a gorgeous prize . Thanks

  2. Drooling at those pincushions - sooo cute! Meanwhile, congratulations to Oksana!

  3. Bellissimi!! Che fortunata la tizia che l'ha vinto :(

  4. I'm glad the purse made it to Italy . Enjoy the gift n have a lovely day. I wish I was luckier in giveaways.

    accidental encounters

  5. Thank you for introducing these wonderful shops! Especially the fabric ones ;) Too beautiful!

    Pei Li